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Keep Your BGE External Regulator Clear, It Could Save Your Life!

BGE has been installing external gas regulators thought out Baltimore due to the installation of higher speed gas lines. Last year an external gas regulator was installed outside my Baltimore City rowhome. I was not given any instructions to its maintenance, just that BGE was responsible for their upkeep. 

I decided to do some research and found federal regulation and insurance company warnings.

The following is from West Bend Insurance Company, for more than 125 years, this insurance been providing valuable insurance coverages and services to home and auto owners, as well as business owners.

Keep your external gas regulator clear it could save your life.


These round, pancake-shaped regulators ensure the gas goes to the appliances at the correct pressure. As the weather turns cold, there could be a problem with the gas system and you may not know it.  

Federal Regulations of installation of gas regulators states:

49 CFR § 192.353 states: Each meter and service regulator, whether inside or outside a building, must be installed in a readily accessible location and be protected from corrosion and other damage, including, if installed outside a building, vehicular damage that may be anticipated.

I found advice from insurance companies telling homeowners to keep your gas regulators clear. It could save your life! All regulators have a vent which allows the device to breathe during normal operation; it also functions as a pressure relief opening in an over-pressure situation. For safety purposes, this vent should remain free of:

  • dirt
  • debris
  • insects
  • water
  • snow
  • ice

If the regulator vent becomes blocked or the airflow restricted for any reason, the regulator may operate incorrectly which could potentially result in over-pressure an appliance, causing an explosion or fire. As the snow starts to fly, be sure to shovel it away so your regulator system can breathe. 

Doing so could save your life. BGE did not share with me any of this vital information. The public has not been educated at all about the risks or about the preventive steps we have to do to keep external gas regulators functioning properly.