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The Current Mayor is Failing Our City

The current mayor, Brandon Scott is failing our city. The fact is, our city is worse off since he’s taken office. Crime rate is up, and the population of our city is plummeting 

We had a mass shooting just last month. Since then, the mayor has made no adjustments. Instead, he passed the buck by blaming federal government gun laws. But that doesn’t explain why Baltimore is more dangerous than so many other cities in American that have the same exact federal laws as we do. 

Waiting around for the federal government to fix things is not only lazy, it’s dangerous.  Baltimore deserves a proactive mayor that help them here and now.

 City population is declining due to: 

•safety concerns

•work opportunities


As mayor, I’ll address these issues by:

•promoting education 

•create jobs that help raise the standard of living 

•turn vacant homes into affordable housing 

•develop rehabilitation programs to reduce the risk of repeat criminal. 

We need a change. I am ready to make Baltimore Safer. Let’s start by supporting our police department. Allow officers who live in Baltimore to take there cars home. Restart the Police Athletic League and Officer Friendly. Create an office for social services at every police station.

Looking at the root of crime address, missing school, mental illness, drug addition, homelessness and food insecurity. If we address social problems we can prevent crime.