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Trophy’s are great but we need MORE.

Brandon Scott’s answer to increasing attendance is giving a trophy to schools with the best attendance. Bluford Drew Jemison STEM Academy, an all-male middle and high school received a trophy for their increased attendance. They had a chronic absentee rate of 75% last year now we still have 42% of students at the school who  are chronically absent.

Where are those 42% of students? A trophy does not bring them back. We need to find out why they are not coming. A redo call does not work, we need truant officers, social services and principals visiting homes and informing parents that if your child does not come to school it is against the law.

If we want to curb youth violence lets start with making sure children go to school.

Read the press release sent by Wendy’s campaign here:

Brandon Scott is “Truant” in the real challenges to Baltimore’s education

Wendy Bozel, Democratic Candidate for Mayor of Baltimore