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Bozel to speak at Baltimore BOE meeting

Baltimore Mayoral Candidate Wendy Bozel will speak during the public Baltimore City Board of Education meeting this evening. The meeting is scheduled to begin at 5:30 pm February 27.

Bozel has been running with Education Reform being at the top of the list. Tonight’s focus for the Democratic hopeful is to discuss the correlation between the problem of chronic absenteeism and the overall spike in crime. “Baltimore City Schools have a 56% chronic absentee rate,” Bozel points out. “We are not abiding by Maryland law when it comes to truancy.” Bozel has discussed reinstating truancy officers as a part of her overall reform package. “We need to visit the homes and find out why students are chronically absent and remove those impediments,” declares Bozel. “There needs to be a reconnection between families and the school system.”

Bozel cannot help but to connect the education and crime issues together as she sees the aftermath of both on a daily basis as a hospital teacher. 

“Juvenile crime is up overall by 26%, with non-fatal Juvenile shootings up 36%,” says Bozel. “I have taught students who have become paralyzed due to their injuries…they range from having 50-100 absences from school…these kids needed to be in the classrooms and not on the street.” Bozel credits the shock and trauma centers for Juvenile shooting fatalities going down since last year. 

Besides truancy, the Bozel Campaign has also discussed reforms to centralize school operations and not allow the city’s 164 schools to operate independently and focus on a better unified set of policies to improve the system.